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Nuevas Entrevistas

MTV (Cómo se siente besar a Robert Pattinson?):

De esta entrevista falta un pedazo. Acá abajo lo cuelgo:

Q"Do you have the lung capacity to speak as fast, for as long, as Jessica? Because I don't." - Evangeline Annie Van Holzen

Anna Kendrick (Jessica Stanley): It was a cake walk after "Rocket Science"! I remember Stephenie Meyer [being on set] the day that I was doing that big speech about the Cullens. It was just a lot of dialogue. ... She is quite a chatterbox, but it wasn't too bad, because it all seemed to make sense and come from this really sweet, desperate place.

Q"Are you aware that you're being stalked?" - Serena

Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen): Am I? Yes, and I wish you would take the tent down from the front of my house — now. That's kind of rude! No, I had no idea.

Q"If there were such a thing as vampires, would you want to be turned? - Kristin

Christian Serratos (Angela Weber): I don't know. I probably would, just out of pure curiosity.

MTV: Would you want to be frozen now or later on in life?

Serratos: There's a lot of thought that's going to go into me becoming a vampire. I'd probably wait — no, why not? If I'm going to do something crazy, I'm going to do it now. I'd become a vampire right now.

Q"If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?" - Em

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen): I would like to think that I'm kind of chipper, upbeat and fun.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale): Um ... I'm a loner who loves company.

Greene: [Laughs.] He's a weirdo, basically.

QMichael, how does working on a production like "Twilight" compare to the work you've done in the past? - Ann

Michael Welch (Mike Newton): Well, I started out my career in television, just doing different guest spots. [I] started out with sitcoms. Actually, my first role that I got was as Young Niles on "Frasier," because when I was younger, I was always doing impressions. That's how I broke into acting to begin with. That allowed me to break into the sitcom world, and then from there I made the transition into dramas and then got lucky enough to be on a show called "Joan of Arcadia," which was on for two years. Since then, I've been doing independent movies that probably will never come out, most of them. And then all of the sudden, this "Twilight" just came out of nowhere! It's the biggest thing I've ever been a part of, man. It's so exciting.

Q"Robert, will you suck my blood out?" - Alley

Pattinson: Yes. Right now? Do they give their addresses and stuff?

MTV: They give their names, and I am sure if you click on, you could e-mail any of them.

Pattinson: "Will you suck my blood out?" Is that, like, a worried question? Or is it kind of a desiring question? I won't if you don't want me to.

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